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Scale your SaaS ads profitably in 90 days

Are you tired of your MRR being a flat line? You need a predictable way to acquire users that your team can manage. Give me 90 days and I’ll save you years of guessing on your growth strategy.
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Enroll in the Atlas 90-day program to fast track your SaaS to record high revenue.

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Take growth in-house
Outsourcing your marketing is expensive and often agencies fail on their promises. You need to own your company's growth.
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Fast-track your learning
Learn exactly how to set up ad correctly and boost funnel conversions without guessing what works all year.
Celebrate a win
If your SaaS company has flatlined for months (or even years), your team desperately needs a win right now. Let’s start growing and celebrate!

Hey, I’m Dave Rogenmoser 👋

I'm a father, a SaaS founder, and a 6'8" golfer.

In 2014, my two best friends and decided to quit our jobs to see if we could build a startup together.

The beginning was painful to say the least... At one point, I had to stock shelves at a wine store just to make rent. 🍷

I know first hand the challenges it takes to grow a software company. I have felt the pain of agencies over promising and under delivering. I know the anxiety of blindly spend on ads hoping it’s working but too scared to look in the ad account. 😰

In 2016, I was feeling out of control of my company’s growth and I was tired of making up excuses to the team why we’re not growing...

So I decided to learn how to run paid traffic and own our growth... and that has made all the difference.

In 2017, we sold our first SaaS called Payfunnels. 🎉

Then within a month we started our next SaaS, Proof.

There was one skill that changed everything... learning how to turn ads into profits on repeat.

Learning how to acquire users with paid traffic (profitably) has been our secret to scaling Proof past $200k MRR.

That hockey-stick growth curve got us into Y Combinator, raised millions on a generous valuation, and allowed us to build an awesome team in Austin, Texas. 🤠

Now for the first time, I’m sharing our paid-traffic playbook with a select group of SaaS founders. Give me 90 days of focused commitment. I’ll help you regain control of your company’s growth, and crush it in 2021.

Book a call today to see if the Atlas program is a good fit.

Let’s do this 🙌

Dave Rogenmoser
Founder & CEO, Proof
Head Honcho, Atlas

How the Atlas 90-day paid traffic program works

It’s time to get clarity on how to acquire users for your SaaS company. Spoiler alert: Paid Traffic is the best channel. Why? Because when done correctly, it’s predictable, profitable, and scalable. All you have to know is how to set it up correctly.
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Weeks 1-3

Set up attribution tracking and revenue metrics correctly

In order for you to scale paid traffic, you need to know exactly which users came from which channels, how much you spent to acquire them, and how much they are going to pay you. DON’T skip this step or you’ll be spending blindly.
Weeks 3-6

Build a converting landing page and lead follow up

Before you set up ads, you need to make sure your funnel is polished or else acquiring customers will be very expensive. Follow our framework to position your product in a way that gets visitors to start trials TODAY not “eventually”.
Website Screenshot
Website Screenshot
Weeks 6-9

Test to find your most profitable audiences and ads

We’ve been runnings ads going on 6 years, spending millions of advertising dollars. Honestly, a lot of money has been spent on learning what works. This section of the program will reveal what works and what failed so you don’t spend money on mistakes we’ve made and fast-track your way to profitability.
Weeks 9-12

Systematically scale your ad budget for maximum profits

At this point, you will have focused intensely on your growth for 3 months and will have seen a big bump in users. Now you will learn how to double down on the best performing ads and optimize the funnel from your learnings.
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Congrats! Your SaaS company is growing predictably and profitably

Who is Atlas a perfect fit for?

SaaS founders
You’re the captain! Lead your company’s growth and delegate the tasks of the program to the right people on your team.
Marketing teams
Fast-track your career in 90 days by learning very valuable skills in advertising, conversion optimization, and project management.

Build a profitable SaaS growth channel in a 90-day sprint.

Growing a SaaS company with paid traffic can be complicated and expensive if you don't know what you're doing... but very predictable and profitable if done right. The Atlas 90-day program will fast-track your learning and keep you on pace to hit your growth goals. We're in this together 🙌
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Carlin Wong
Marketing Manager
E-Commerce Account
Amazon Seller
I’d like to forever coin this day “First FB Conversion Day”. I’d like to thank my mom, my dad, and of course Dave and Austin and all of you.😛
Chris Palmer
E-Commerce Account
Amazon Seller
"Getting pumped! Got 2 sales overnight with a value of $3,201. This puts the total to-date at $3701!"
Adam White
E-Commerce Account
Amazon Seller
"Hey Dave I just wanted to let you know that I tweaked the pricing like you suggested and the MRR is already up over 15% in the last few days!"
Cody Turnbull
E-Commerce Account
Amazon Seller
Big news – this month we had the highest number of signups in the history of Rotessa!

Are you ready to finally “switch on” growth in your SaaS company?

Next step is to schedule a call to learn more about the Atlas 90-day growth program and see if we’re a good fit for each other.
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